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We provide full uncut inserts weekly.

We offer three FL areas, as well as Texas.

Our Services:

We open pre-orders typically on Sundays.

This will be orders for the following weekends inserts.

All our shipping for the most part, is always on Saturdays.

(Except Texas, those ship on Mondays).

Orders may be placed between Sundays through Friday (8:30 am est)

for guaranteed Saturday shipping.

Any orders past 8:30 am Fridays, may not go out on Saturday,

(This all depends on our private schedules).

How to choose a region to order from:

All inserts are basically the same. The differences come in the regional coupons and also sometimes the face values may differ as well.

You can order from any area listed,

even if you don’t actually reside there.

All coupons can be used, anywhere coupons are accepted.

We do offer past weeks as well, as available.


Most weeks the average order will fit into

the envelope size package, priced at $8.50

Remember to calculate the number of total inserts you are ordering.

Any mistakes or additional costs cost, will delay the processing of your order.



For example:

If we are projecting 2 inserts that week and you order 10 sets,

this means you would receive 10 of each insert.

So you would choose shipping that can hold 20 inserts ($8.50 option)……

But if we are projected to receive 5 inserts and

you want to order 20 sets. That’s a total of 100 total single inserts,

these require the next shipping option which is the Medium Box option.


Under the Previews tab, you will find links to each area  as it

becomes available. Here you will be able to view

exactly what you would receive.

We list our areas per SET.

(Think of it as 1 set = 1 newspaper)

Our top seller has been the East selection with many of our repeat customers.

Tampa and Orlando are pretty well tied for second.

We offer exact previews weekly for each area listed,

which helps you decide which area you wish to try.

Some of our folks also like to order a little bit of everything.

Combining Items:


Never combine PAST weeks with NEW pre-orders!

Please read carefully:

Any listing that are marked “do not combine” will cause 1 of 2 things:

#1 It will delay your order until all products are ready.

#2 Could potentially cost your order NOT to ship at all.


REFUNDS:  If one must be processed YOU will be responsible for all (if any) Paypal fees we incur as well!

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